Making College Possible

For More of America’s Workers and Their Families


Breaking Down the Biggest Barriers to Earning A College Degree


We work with mission-aligned Academic Partners to provide members in-demand education programs and pathways delivered 100% online.


We combine exclusive member discounts, available financial aid, and cost-conscious program design to minimize – and in many cases eliminate – student out-of-pocket costs and debt.


We work with member-based organizations to engage and inspire members and their families to take advantage of this life-changing benefit.

Partnerships that Matter

Working Together to Advance Missions and Change Lives

Member Based Organizations

A Benefit that Works for You AND Your Members

Edvance exclusively focuses on higher education to deliver the most sought-after member-benefit with the biggest impact on individual lives and organizational objectives, driving member:

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Empowerment

We provide specialized marketing, enrollment, and support services that help maximize member awareness, participation, and outcomes, while minimizing your resource requirements.

Provide a benefit your members will love.
Academic Institutions

Expand Your Reach and Impact

Edvance combines a scalable, cost-effective student acquisition model that delivers high-intent student prospects ready for admissions helping institutions achieve:

  • Mission Expansion
  • Student Diversification
  • Sustainable Student Acquisition

We provide specialized marketing, enrollment, and support services to connect you with large, non-traditional and underserved student populations without adding costs or resources.

Connect with more students.
A young mother at her graduation

Your Path to Success Starts Here

Edvance provides members access to a growing network of schools and in-demand programs that meet their academic, financial, and lifestyle needs, promoting:

  • Degree & Skill Attainment
  • Career Progression
  • Increased Earning Power

We guide students through the program selection, application and enrollment process and provide ongoing support throughout each student’s education and career journey.

Get access to a benefit to make college possible.